Build an Army of Unique Pieces with on the Cardano Blockchain

• A new blockchain game,, is launching on Cardano’s blockchain and is based around the use of NFTs.
• Each NFT is a playable piece with spells and abilities that can be used in a tactical war.
• Users can earn tokens by winning matches against other players and use them to purchase more NFTs.

Cardano and blockchain game developer Jason Appleton recently announced the launch of a new digital tabletop war game, The game is based on the Cardano blockchain, and it revolves around the use of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). According to the project’s website, each NFT makes a playable piece useful during a war. Each NFT is a single piece and cannot be duplicated, meaning that a 10-man unit will require at least ten copies in order to be playable.

The game system has a point system based on each user’s available NFTs, which they can use to unlock pieces and create a battle list. Players are rewarded tokens when they win matches against other players and can use their earned tokens to purchase more unique pieces or 3D model versions to replace their 2D pieces. Ultimately, users can collect hundreds of NFTs with varying special abilities.

Many of the project developers believe Cardano’s core values, vision, and mission make it the ideal blockchain to launch NFT gaming projects. The blockchain game developer, Appleton, shared an example of one of the characters – the Commande and the Guardian – which will have its own spells, abilities, weapons, and skills that can be used in a tactical war.

The launch of is the latest development in the Cardano blockchain ecosystem, and it is expected to have a significant impact on the billion-dollar gaming market. With the ability to earn tokens, players can use their NFTs to purchase more pieces and upgrade their battle list. With the increasing popularity of NFTs, the game could potentially push Cardano’s value and help it hit the $2 mark. is an exciting new project that is sure to bring a unique gaming experience to the Cardano blockchain ecosystem. With the use of NFTs and the ability to earn tokens, players can build an army of unique pieces to use in tactical wars. It remains to be seen how well the game will perform and if it can increase the value of Cardano and help it hit the $2 mark.