A new film claims to know what Satoshi Nakamoto looks like

Satoshi Nakamoto, the world’s most wanted terrorist, was kidnapped and tortured by the NSA.

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Native crypto production
At least that’s the plot of a UK independent film called „Decrypted“. In an interview with Cointelegraph, the film’s producer, Phil Harris, said

„We shot 70 percent of this film before we were forced to stop because of the COVID-19 crisis. So we managed to get 70% in the can. So we’re editing. I think as a filmmaker and a cryptology fanatic, I wanted to explore the emerging crypto space within the industry at large.“

The film is not just a story about Satoshi Nakamoto. The film itself was also financed using cryptomone. Harris added that the initial release of the film will be through crypto-native video platforms. He said that a lot of research has been done to ensure that the elements related to Bitcoin Loophole look authentic.

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Satoshi’s love interest
There are some plot twists in the movie. Without giving it all, for example, Satoshi’s lover is a transsexual woman, Sofia, who also happens to be his accomplice.

The film’s screenwriter, Mick Sands, is a cryptology enthusiast according to Harris. The threat that Bitcoin’s mere existence poses to the establishment of the United States is a point of fascination for him:

„Mick, our writer, is a bit of a rebel, he’s always been fascinated by the world of cryptomontages and he wanted to write a film that would involve him in some way. Especially how the American security services see it as a great threat to their dominance over the world economy and how they desperately try to dismantle or regulate it.“

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The crypto-revolution in the film industry
Harris believes that the film industry itself is undergoing a revolution. He claims that young independent filmmakers have few distribution options due to the dominance of few global streaming platforms:

„We wanted this film to be part of the crypto-revolution within the film industry. So we’re going to release it on some video-on-demand platforms. I’m not sure you know any, LiveTree is one, so, you have Breaker, you have Movieschain, Cinezen, Cinema Well.“

The filmmaker’s ultimate goal is to eventually sell the film rights to a major platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Harris hopes the film will be released by the end of 2020.