4 possibilities for free Bitcoins

There is nothing nicer than money given as a present, of course this also applies to Bitcoins. The good thing about free Bitcoins is that it’s fast and easy. In this article I would like to introduce you to several websites where you can get Bitcoin amounts for free. There are countless such websites, some have to close after a short time and others are pure fraud. For this reason I list only known or paying websites, so that you don’t have to get annoyed with the providers!

FreeBitcoin – Once per hour checked by onlinebetrug

The undisputed number 1 for free Bitcoins is Freebitcoin*, says onlinebetrug. In order to receive Bitcoins from the website, you must first create an account with Freebitcoin. Enter your email address and a strong password and redeem the captcha. According to onlinebetrug you just have to confirm the email and you’re ready to go.

Tip: Create a new email account with a strong password for websites like this one. This will give you more protection for your data! Via the menu item „Free BTC“ you can scroll once every hour. The current minimum amount you receive for each roll is 0.00000078 Bitcoins (BTC).

FreeBitcoin and the Bitcoin revolution

If you are lucky, you can win 0.026 Bitcoins, that would be about 200 USD at the current Bitcoin revolution rate. The good thing about Freebitcoin is that you don’t have to solve Bitcoin revolution spam protection for rolling. For me, Freebitcoin even worked with an ad blocker. There are also lottery tickets and/or reward points per reel.

With lottery tickets you automatically participate in the lottery that takes place every week. You could theoretically win up to 0.16 Bitcoins. Reward points can be redeemed for certain things. You could redeem reward points for a hardware wallet or for so-called „boosts“ to increase your free bitcoins per reel.

FreeBitcoin pays your Bitcoins every Sunday to your specified Bitcoin address if your balance is greater than 0.0003 Bitcoin. Alternatively, you can manually withdraw your Bitcoins on Freebitcoin via „Withdraw > Instant“. All in all, Freebitcoin is the best website for free Bitcoins.

Bitfun – Every three minutes
Bitfun* is a website where you get Bitcoins for free every three minutes. First you create an account with Bitfun. Enter your e-mail address and a strong password and solve the spam protection. Then you can collect your first Bitcoins by clicking on „Claim now!“ and solving a spam protection.

Bitfun does not pay a fixed amount, it changes and increases with time. While you wait, you can play hundreds of different mini-games that make waiting more enjoyable. Bitfun also works with an active ad blocker. Your free Bitcoins are immediately paid out on Coinpot. From there you can send your Bitcoins to your Bitcoin address or free of charge e.g. to a XAPO address or Mellow Ads (see below).