Cartesi Launches Community Grants Program: Funding Decentralized Projects!


• Cartesi launches Community Grants Program to fund developers and grow the ecosystem.
• Program provides not only financial support, but also technical and strategic advice.
• CTSI token will be used as a way for community members to signal approval or disapproval of grants.

Cartesi’s Community Grants Program

Cartesi (an application-specific rollup execution layer with a Linux runtime) has launched its Community Grants Program for developers looking for support to get their ideas off the ground, and for Web3 enthusiasts interested in helping shape Cartesi’s developing ecosystem. This program is a community-driven effort dedicated to funding a broad network of contributors to build and expand the Cartesi ecosystem. It provides developers not only with financial support, but also with invaluable technical and strategic advice that can ensure project success within the Cartesi ecosystem.

Governance Function Utilizing CTSI Token

The launch of this program also ushers in a new governance function for Cartesi’s token, CTSI. The decentralized ecosystem of the Cartesi Foundation will utilize CTSI as a way for community members to signal approval or disapproval of any proposed grants. With this, the community can influence what is funded and built on Cartesi tech while connecting with builders in its own ecosystem through collaboration with any projects being built or funded.

About Cartesi

Cartesi Rollups is an application-specific execution layer that elevates simple smart contracts to decentralized Linux runtimes. It allows developers to launch highly scalable rollup chains and code decentralized logic with their favorite languages and software components.


The launch of Cartesi’s Community Grants Program marks an important milestone in providing increased involvement from its community while decentralizing control over its projects through utilizing the power of its token, CTSI. Developers have access not just to funds but also technical guidance so they can refine their proposal into something viable within the growing Cartsi Ecosystem.

Ethereum Altcoin Set for Massive Gains: Hashflow Token (HFT) Bullish Breakout Ahead

• Hashflow Token (HFT) is a low cap Ethereum altcoin that is set to rally and gain massive profits soon.
• Crypto strategist Cantering Clark recently shared on Twitter that he is quite bullish about the Hashflow Token (HFT) and is building a spot position in it.
• Hashflow token has a valuation of $128 million, and its recently released roadmap for 2023 includes plans to launch a gamified DAO called Hashverse.

Hashflow Token (HFT): Set for Huge Rally

Ethereum altcoin Hashflow Token (HFT) is currently on a breakout from its accumulation zone and can rally going ahead in the crypto market recovery of 2023. Giants like Ethereum (ETH) have rallied by 40 percent but other altcoins have posed gains even higher at 70-80 percent. In light of this, crypto strategist Cantering Clark has expressed his bullishness about HFT, sharing his spot position in the cryptocurrency with his 160,000 followers on Twitter.

Valuation & Roadmap

Hashflow token has a valuation of just $128 million and its recently released roadmap for 2023 includes plans to launch a gamified decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), called Hashverse, which will allow users to stake tokens complete quests as well as earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Cantering Clark’s Tweet

In his tweet, Cantering Clark wrote: „The last tickerless chart I shared did a 3x this week. I have been building a spot position in this one patiently because the setup is looking like it has quite a move ahead of it.“ He also noted that while HFT may not be microcap, it still looks like it will push much higher before what is probably „a long corrective re-accumulation period“.

Crypto Analysts‘ Take

Crypto analysts are betting big and predict an upside for HFT given its technical chart breakout from its accumulation zone. Moreover, Clark’s bullishness about the coin adds confidence among traders who are likely to enter into positions for short term gains.


Overall, Ethereum altcoin Hashflow Token (HFT) looks set for huge rally and massive gains in short time owing to its technical chart breakout from its accumulation zone as well as Cantering Clark’s bullish sentiment towards the coin on Twitter.

Ripple, VeChain, IOTA, Dogecoin, and Stellar Lumen Make Big News This Week!


• Ripple Labs won a lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), possibly resulting in a 10 times price surge for XRP.
• Ripple has also launched a $250 million creator’s fund to attract NFT artists to the XRP ledger.
• The second wave of beneficiaries of the fund were announced in October last year and applications for the third wave are now closed.

IOTA Foundation & Dell Technologies

The IOTA Foundation has partnered with Dell Technologies to bring sustainable energy use cases to digital cities in order to transform Urban Mobility using Intelligent Security systems (ISS). This solution will utilize video recordings, analytics, and control centers all powered by IOTA technology.


VeChain recently announced their new interoperable blockchain platform known as VeChain Thor V1.21. This update allows users to store different types of digital assets such as tokens, NFTs, and stablecoins on its blockchain network. Additionally, it offers enhanced security and scalability features that make it suitable for enterprise-level projects.


Dogecoin is setting new milestones every day by reaching new highs constantly over the past few weeks. It even surpassed Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as the fourth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization at one point this week after experiencing an incredible 20% increase in its value within 24 hours.

Stellar Lumen

Stellar Lumen has launched the Stellar Asset Sandbox which simplifies asset issuance, minting, and burning on its testnet network. This could encourage more developers and creators to join the Stellar ecosystem while providing tools for them to create their own digital assets within minutes or hours rather than days or weeks using traditional methods.